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Start them early!

1. How old should my child be before I make his first dental appointment?

We recommend that your child visits the dentist as early as 6 months old. These visits focus on parental education, as well as checking the child’s oral health. It is very beneficial for the patient as well as the parent because it allows an opportunity for both to get familiar with the dentist. Children that begin visiting their dentist as early as 6 months are in far superior dental health than children who wait until their 1st or 2nd birthday to visit. So this early education visit is critical for parent and child.

2. How well is your child’s oral care?

By asking your dentist this question it will allow you to know how well your child’s oral care is and if there are necessary changes that need to be made. Your dentist can inform you about your child’s stain and cavity build-up or how to prevent their gums from damaging. In addition, you should ask your dentist if your child’s oral development is healthy or if you’ll need to take them to see a specialist in the future. It may seem early to ask your dentist about specialists or the orthodontics. But having this conversation early will give you a head start about what procedures they may need when they are older.

3. How can a parent prevent cavities or stain build-up in their child’s mouth?

Cavities are not fun for children and even more heartbreaking for a parent to have to deal with. Knowing how to help prevent cavities can be beneficial for you and your little one. Teaching your child the importance of their oral care and showing them how to properly brush and floss can help cavities be less likely to develop. Making sure your child stays away from high sugary foods and drinks will also decrease their chances. In addition, taking them for regular dental clean ups will ensure their smile stays healthy and white.

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4. How often should a child visit the dentist?

Dentists recommend dental cleanings as often as every 6 months. But after meeting with your child’s dentist you both can come up with a schedule that is more specific to your child’s individual oral needs. Your dentist will be able to suggest the best cleaning schedules and courses of action for your child. The more regularly your child visits the dentist the more informed you will be on their oral health and if there is need for a specialist or necessary procedures.

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