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traditional-bracesThe new year is fast approaching, and with that comes a great opportunity to think about resolutions that will benefit you and your family. So why not consider a dental resolution? A healthy dental resolution will keep your family’s teeth clean and cavity free. River Rock dental wants to encourage you and your loved ones to take on these 5 new year habits that will surely improve your oral care.

1. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

Having daily well-balanced meals is the first step your family can take to ensuring a healthy smile. With a nutritional diet comes a stronger immune system that helps prevents common gum diseases. By including more fruits and vegetables in your family’s meals you’ll provide them with natural antioxidants that fight bacteria and inflammation.

2. Eat and drink less sugar

Sugary drinks and treats are tempting, but moderation is key. Setting a limit to sugar this new year will not only help your family’s overall health but also prevent their teeth from forming tooth decay and painful cavities. And if you happen to have a treat here and there, it always helps to drink a full glass of water after eating something sugary to help wash down residual foods.

3. Develop the Habit of Flossing

Most people brush regularly but fail to develop one of the most important habits for healthy teeth… Flossing! The Academy of General Dentistry states that flossing is the only way to remove plaque from between teeth and that’s where decay and gum disease begin to develop. Teaching your family to develop the habit of flossing will not only help them prevent diseases of the mouth but also ensure those diseases don’t affect the rest of their bodies. Just remember, the key to a healthy smile is flossing!

4. Visit the Orthodontist

This year may be the year for a new smile! One of your family’s resolutions can be to visit the orthodontist and correct an abnormal bite caused by injury or thumb sucking at a young age. Braces not only correct tooth crowding or crooked teeth but they also enhance the look of a smile. By taking them to River Rock Dental this year to visit the orthodontist they can learn more about methods that can be made for improving their overall dental health.

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5. Visit River Rock for Regular Checkups

Start off your year by scheduling at least two check up appointments for each member of your family. By bringing your loved ones into River Rock Dental twice a year, you can prevent them from developing dental health problems and catch cavities sooner. Regular visits also allow our team at River Rock monitor each member of your family and make sure we keep you informed on any specific dental areas of concern for your family.

Contacts us today at River Rock Dental and schedule your family’s biannual dentist appointments.

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