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Helping your child overcome the fear of dentist

Children’s book to help with fear of dentist in kids

1. Keep Answers Positive and Simple

When you child starts to ask questions about the dentist answer as positively and as simply as you can. Avoid using words that may make them fearful such as drill, shots, or bleeding. You don’t have to elaborate but just remind them that dentists are people too and they want your child to have a healthy smile.

2. Bring them to the Office Early

By arriving to the office early your child has a few more minutes to get comfortable and see that there is nothing to be scared of at the dentist. This also give you a little extra time to comfort them or relax them if they’re still afraid or being fussy before meeting the dentist.  

3. Bring their Favorite Small Toy or Stuffed Animal

If your child brings his or her favorite toy with them it can give them comfort having something familiar nearby during the visit. This gives the child something to play with and be distracted if they are feeling nervous while waiting on the doctor. In addition, you can ask your little one to introduce their toy to the doctor and help break the ice so that your child feels more comfortable while meeting the doctor.

4. Encourage Regular Brushing and Flossing

Helping your child develop habits such as brushing and flossing will result in healthy and strong teeth. By teaching them young to have pride in their teeth they’ll look forward to showing off their beautiful smile to their dentist. The positive reinforcement will go a long way and your child will begin associating the dentist with happier experiences.

5. Children Books that Help and provide Guidance

There a several books out there that help children and parents with dental visits of their little ones. Reading a book with your child about dentistry, teeth and oral hygiene can be a tremendous help. Here are few good ones:

First Time Dentist

What will happen? Will it hurt? Will you stay with me? Reading Dentist with your child is the perfect opportunity to talk about these questions, and many more! Young children’s lives are full of new experiences and these books help make them less scary. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child. Use these books as a starting point to talk to your child and help them to understand and prepare for these events, and to share any worries they may have.

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist.

Sister Bear watches Dr. Bearson fill Brother Bear’s small cavity. Then it’s her turn in the chair to have a dangling baby tooth removed. An entertaining story for preschoolers of a cheerful and informative visit to a dentist.

Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Dentist

A fun and educational way to introduce children to dental care. Sammy talks about what to expect on a visit to the dentist.

Melvin the Magnificent Molar

A great book for teaching children about their teeth! (Ages 3 and up) Meet Melvin, the lovable tooth. Through Melvins view of the world, this book encourages children in a fun-loving, unique way to actually want to brush their teeth. By promoting brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist, Melvin shows readers young and old how to make sure they will have happy teeth and healthy smiles that will last them a lifetime!

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