Get a Straight Smile with Orthodontics

Do crooked teeth or spaces in your smile make you feel like you need to cover your mouth? Let us give you a straighter smile with orthodontics. At River Rock Dental, we offer traditional metal braces as well as Invisalign® clear braces to straighten your teeth, correct your bite, or close gaps. Straight teeth not only restore pride in your smile, but they’re also easier to clean and care for, meaning that your oral health will improve drastically when your teeth are straightened.

Braces can be used to correct a number of issues with your teeth and bite, including:

  • Crossbite, where one or more upper teeth bite the inside of lower teeth
  • Overbite, where the upper front teeth stick out over the lower front teeth
  • Underbite, where bottom teeth project out past top teeth
  • Openbite, when there is an insufficient vertical overlap of teeth
  • Overjet, or a protrusion, when the lower teeth are too far behind upper front teeth

If you’ve been told you have any of these conditions, your teeth are crooked or overlapping one another, or there are gaps in your teeth you’d like to close up, let the orthodontics experts at River Rock Dental help.

Orthodontics and Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces

At River Rock Dental, we offer traditional metal braces to straighten teeth. They are the most common type of orthodontics, but they’re no longer the clunky and unattractive braces of the past that you imagine.

Today, traditional metal braces are constructed of light nickel-titanium material, making them smaller and sleeker, more comfortable, and more attractive. Looking to add a little style to your smile? You can change the color of the ties on your braces at every follow-up appointment!


Invisalign in Austin TXIn addition, we offer Invisalign® – which takes a modern approach to straightening teeth. Invisalign® is suitable for teens and adults and offer a wide variety of advantages. Learn more here>>

No matter your age, we want to help you learn to love your smile again. Our team will develop a customized plan for your orthodontics treatment, and you’ll be on the road to a straighter smile in no time!

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