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River Rock Dental in Austin, TX is proud to recognize Amanda Shelton, our office manager at our Southpark location, as an Everyday Hero of 2018.

With the help of River Rock Dental patients she was able to begin a program called “Smiles in Need” to help dental patients that cannot afford the care they need. Smiles in Need came to life when current patients that have existing credits on their balance were asked if they would like it to be refunded or donated to Smiles in Need. Almost every patient chose to donate these credits to Smiles in Need.

Within three days there were enough funds to help out a fifteen year old boy named Armando. Armando had both a cross bite and a narrow palate that would later be a crucial jaw surgery if it were not taken care of now. His single mother was already working multiple jobs to take care of Armando and his three siblings and could not afford braces to fix Armando’s smile. Medicaid also could not cover braces as they are defined as a cosmetic procedure.

Armando’s procedure will last two years, but his smile will be changed forever. Shelton is hoping that other dental offices across the country will adopt this program as well after the success Smiles in Need had in Armando’s life.

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Note: To reach Shelton with questions about how to start a Smiles in Need program at your practice, drop her an email at ashelton@riverrockdentalfamily.com. To learn more about Smiles in Need or to donate, log on to www.SmilesInNeed.com.

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