How to Prevent Child Tooth Decay

There’s more to preventing tooth decay than just hiding the candy bowl. And it’s important to remember that even though baby teeth will fall out someday, protecting them is very important!

Below is a list of the best things you can do to ensure that your child’s dentist proclaims “no cavities!” at their next visit.

Get enough fluoride!

It’s a fact: fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.

The best way for your child to get enough fluoride is through drinking fluoridated water. If you use well water or bottled, ask your dentist about using a fluoride supplement.

And using a fluoride toothpaste for all ages is always a must. Your dentist may also offer a topical fluoride treatment at each routine visit.

Snack less frequently

Constant snacking provides the perfect environment for cavity-inducing bacteria to do their work.

Got a grazer at home? Try to discern if their snack habit is a result of truly being hungry. If so, try to bulk up meals with healthy fats to make their tummies happier for longer.

If snacking because of boredom, or simply because those yummy fruit snacks are visible, try to help your little one find something else to do until the next mealtime.

Limit sugar

Excess sugar in the diet is known to cause a variety of issues for the body, and is especially bad for our teeth. Childhood is the perfect time to persuade those taste buds to be happy with whole foods and less sugar.

Try cheese sticks, apple slices, or a handful of nuts. All are great choices when it comes to filling tummies without wrecking teeth.

Hydrate with water or milk instead of sugar-sweetened beverages

Sports drinks, sodas, and even 100% juice just aren’t good for little chompers. They simply don’t provide enough nutritional benefit to be worth it.

Start healthy habits early

As soon as those cute little baby teeth pop through the gums, you’ll want to start brushing them.

And as soon as they’ll let you, you’ll want to teach your littles how to floss.

Make their twice daily dental hygiene routine a priority.

Consider dental sealants


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