A simple Idea can be very powerful – Everyday Hero at River Rock Dental, Austin

River Rock Dental in Austin, TX is proud to recognize Amanda Shelton, our office manager at our Southpark location, as an Everyday Hero of 2018. With the help of River Rock Dental patients she was able to begin a program called “Smiles in Need” to help dental patients that cannot afford the care they need. Smiles […]

Should Your Child Do More Than Just Brush and Floss?

As an adult, your oral care routine tends to remain fairly static for a large part of your life. Brush and floss. Rinse, perhaps, if you’re fond of it. And, unless you need prosthetics, that’s about all you’ll ever do. But, what about your kids? Toddlers? Adolescents? What sort of routine should they follow? Is […]

What Is Internal Tooth Bleaching and Are You a Good Candidate?

There are a number of reasons teeth lose their luster. Smoking is perhaps one of the most common, followed by food and beverages that stain our teeth, like wine and coffee. Aside from these external factors, however, a tooth can undergo staining from within the tooth itself. Typically this is due to a structural defect […]